Mohamed Salah is a huge inspiration to WWE SmackDown star Ali


Since making the step up from 205 Live to SmackDown on the recommendation of Daniel Bryan, Mustafa Ali [now just known as Ali] has gone from strength to strength and seen his stock rise exponentially.

It's now known that Ali was supposed to have the role that Kofi Kingston assumed in the Elimination Chamber match back in February, and that set the scene for his huge push which resulted in him winning the WWE Championship.

Ali is currently observing the month of Ramadan, which means he is fasting throughout sunlight and can only consume once the sun sets.

It also means that Ali won't be in a prime condition come the main event of Money In The Bank tomorrow evening, but there's a possibility the sun will set some time before the titular bout, meaning he will have chance to refuel.

One man who will be going through the same thing in a few weeks is Mohamed Salah.

The Liverpool and Egypt forward will be playing in the UEFA Champions League final, and Ali revealed this week that Salah is an absolute inspiration to him.

"I'm not a big sports guy, I watch WWE and that's about as far as it goes for me in terms of sport," Ali told SkySports.

"What's awesome about Mo is his representation is so far-reaching. I saw a clip recently where he took his daughter onto the field and the entire stadium erupted.

Mohamed Salah and his daughters showing on the Anfield pitch last week inspired WWE superstar Ali

"You know the reception for her is tied into their love for him and that's what I want to do here. I've got a daughter and I've brought her to WWE events and the moment people realised that's my daughter, they gave her a standing ovation.

"It's so cool to break down those barriers. Mo Salah is from the same faith as me, he looks like me in certain aspects and what he is doing is inspiring me.

"Not as a football fan, as a human being I'm thinking 'this guy's awesome' for what he represents."

Salah will be a hero and inspiration to many, but coming from a fellow famous athlete who is going through the same things, it's a great show of respect.

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