Christian recalls how he helped Steve Austin create the 'What?' chant


One of the most iconic chants in wrestling history is the 'What?' chant, and the wrestler that's associated with it more than anyone else is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

During the height of the Attitude Era in the WWE, Stone Cold was able to dictate the crowd's reaction through his promos so well, that he got them chanting a simple four-letter word.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Travel from the For The Love of Wrestling convention in Liverpool, via Wrestling Inc, Christian revealed how he played a part in Steve Austin's infamous chant and the origins behind it.

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion explained that several years ago, The Texas Rattlesnake left a funny voicemail on his phone where he was rambling on, but he also kept on repeating the phrase 'What?'

He said: "I had a voicemail from him. He left this rambling voicemail on my message machine. He was just saying random stuff like: 'I'm just passing a tree. What?! I said I'm passing a tree. What?!' Random - about anything.

"I got there and asked 'What was with that voicemail you left me?'. And he's like "I don't know, I was just bored and just rambling". I wish I kept it.

"Then, a week or two later I was sitting in the back on Raw and I could hear the audio of him doing a promo in the ring and I heard him doing the 'What?!'. I was like 'I can't believe he's gonna do this and he's gonna get this over'".


Sure enough, he did get the chant over. That was all the way back in the early 2000s.

However, to this day, it is still used by WWE fans to mock certain superstars while they are delivering a promo in the middle of the ring.

The 'What?' chant has produced some iconic moments in WWE history, from Stone Cold saying it repeatedly in a backstage segment behind Stephanie McMahon, to the crowd mocking Vince McMahon with the chant.

The 'What?' chant will likely never fade away, and it's all thanks to one simple voicemail Austin did one day to Christian.

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