Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua's common opponent comparison

Boxing at O2 Arena

Given the brutal nature of the heavyweight division, it may be quite naive to deduce who may beat who based on their previous fights with the same opponents.

Different boxing styles, varying heights and weight can mean that any particular boxer can be one man’s bread and butter and another man’s kryptonite on any given day.

Nonetheless, boxers and their coaches will always look at the result of the fight to determine just how dangerous one man can be. The fighter will always be judged on how unconvincingly or emphatically they are able to see off their opponents.

And their doesn’t come much more emphatic than Deontay Wilder’s recent first-round knockout of Dominic Breazeale.

The all-American showdown was two minutes of pure action which was brought to an end with a devastating Bronze Bomber right hand.

Before the fight, Anthony Joshua said that he would like Wilder to knock out his opponent in round eight so that he can say he did it quicker.

It is safe to say that this did not happen.

Wilder vs Joshua is the fight on everyone’s mind at the moment.

After the fight, Wilder was adamant the fight between the two will take place. The outcome of said fight is almost impossible to predict and may be made even more dubious after seeing their results against the same opponents.

Deontay Wilder v Dominic Breazeale

Joshua KO3 Jason Gavern, 2015
Wilder RTD4 Jason Gavern, 2014

In the early stages of Joshua’s career, Gavern was just one of the many victims of his quick knockouts. A sweet left uppercut ended three rounds of pure onslaught on the American.

Gavern took Wilder longer than he had ever gone before after challenging the Bronze Bomber until the end of the fourth round – one longer than Joshua – before him and his team decided to end the fight before the bell for the fifth round could rung.

There was no doubt that Joshua’s win was the more impressive of the two.

Joshua TKO3 Eric Molina, 2016
Wilder KO9 Eric Molina, 2015

Molina was flattened against the ropes against Joshua in the third round and barely managed to get up to make the count. A quick combination by Joshua shortly after left the referee no choice but to stop the fight. 

A year earlier, Molina posed Wilder some serious problems. He was the more aggressive and successful fighter in the opening rounds and had Wilder’s legs wobbling in the third. Wilder then showed his class in knocking the American down several times before finally finishing him off with three rounds to go.

Again, Joshua came out of the fight without suffering any substantial blows, unlike Wilder who had absorbed many.

Joshua TKO7 Dominic Breazeale, 2016
Wilder KO1 Dominic Breazeale, 2019

Only Dillian Whyte had taken the British champion past six rounds before his fight with Breazeale at the O2 Arena. Despite lasting seven rounds, Joshua looked incredibly comfortable during the fight and would have won a lot sooner but for the incredible amount of bravery and endurance shown from Breazeale who had been shaken in as early as round two.

Deontay Wilder v Dominic Breazeale

The latest of big heavyweight fights last week didn’t disappoint. Wilder silenced all his critics with the most devastating knockout in the first round.

There is no question that Wilder’s victory was the more impressive this time. Breazeale ate so many big punches from Joshua, but simply couldn’t handle Wilder’s power.

Perhaps this just confirms what many already knew about Wilder being the hardest puncher in the sport.

All these comparisons may be futile, but it is just a bit of fun. The outcome of this highly anticipated fight can only be known after the two have stepped in the ring with each other.

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