Paulie Malignaggi clashes with Artem Lobov at press conference

BT Sport Boxing and Ultimate Boxxer Press Conference

Paulie Malignaggi just loves controversy.

The American former boxer is due to meet Artem Lobov in a bare-knuckle fight on June 22nd in Florida and as if often the case with Malignaggi's press conferences, things got out of control when they clashed earlier today.

The two-time World Champion fired a tirade of abuse at the former UFC fighter in New York before the pair snapped at each other and had to be held back by their respective camps.

Malignaggi took to the mic to call out Lobov, labelling him a 'hypocrite' and a 'p*ssy'.

He then promised the former UFC fighter he would "p*ss in your toothless mouth."

"I know I've never been a big puncher but, as I trained, I realised my hands are like razor blades," he said.

"Take a look at his face. Because next month I'm gonna make this man's face look like a road map.

"One thing about my career - I've always been known as one of the toughest guys in boxing. That's how I won two world titles.

"This guy here was known as a punching bag with a loud mouth, who was known as the guy who trained with Conor McGregor. What are this guy's accomplishments?

Aaron Chalmers and Paulie Malignaggi Training Session

"He doesn't have a look, he doesn't have the speaking ability and, most importantly, he doesn't have the fighting ability."

Lobov then answered back off-mic, causing Malignaggi's relatively composed statement to go off the rails as he launched into an expletive-laden rant.

"Next month I'm going to put this guy in the f*cking cooler, because that's what he deserves," he shouted, addressing Lobov directly.

"You're a piece of sh*t and I'm going to treat you like the dirtbag that you are," he stated.

"I might take out my d*ck and p*ss on you. I'm going to take my d*ck out after I knock your teeth out, and I'm gonna p*ss in your toothless mouth."

No holding back from Malignaggi as per usual, but he will need to back them up against a quietly confident Lobov in Florida next month.

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