Chris Jericho was supposed to defeat Kevin Owens for Universal Championship in WrestleMania 33 main event

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

Chris Jericho is ready to make his debut with All Elite Wrestling this weekend after signing a huge multi-year contract with the start-up promotion.

He will take on his foe Kenny Omega, whom he had a five-star match with in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2018, at Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas.

Y2J of course is a WWE legend, a multi-time world champion and a future Hall of Famer- that's if WWE unban him from the company.

Jericho's last feud in WWE was with Kevin Owens, who he struck up a great partnership with in 2016 as KO won the Universal Championship.

The 'Festival of Friendship' segment on Raw in February 2017 where Owens turned on Jericho was iconic and one of the best segments in recent memory, and it all led to a match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

Jericho actually revealed last month that Vince McMahon hated their Mania match, in-fact he apparently called it the 'worst match in WrestleMania history'.

It definitely wasn't that bad, but Vince must've just been caught on a bad day. Nevertheless Jericho has now revealed that the stakes for the match were supposed to be higher than what they ended up being.

Chris Jericho was supposed to win the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33, but Vince McMahon changed the plans

"If I went back tomorrow [to WWE], I probably restart the feud with Kevin Owens," said Jericho to Busted Open Radio, per Fightful.

"The feud that I had with him in 2016 was probably the best thing on the show. And where were we at WrestleMania? Second on the card. It's the same thing that happened in WCW, I can't get any higher than where I'm at.

"Even though I'd been to the top, if you can't put Jericho and Owens in the semi-main event at WrestleMania, especially when at one point, it was slotted to be the main event. In the eyes of the old man [Vince McMahon], a main event is a main event.

"From a business perspective, I'll take first over anything. Second is, to me, not a filler spot, but it's a spot where you get your 15 minutes.

The Festival of Friendship segment on Raw between Owens and Jericho was loved by many

"To be on second, with this angle that we had, when it was designated at first, I was told by Vince, 'You're gonna win the World Title from Kevin Owens in the main event of WrestleMania.' Three days later he changed it to Brock vs. Goldberg and didn't tell me."

McMahon is well-known to changing his mind at the last second and not finalising show scripts in advance, but it's pretty rough on Jericho to take an opportunity to win the world title again when he had already told him he was winning it.

If only he knew Cody Rhodes was going to start his own promotion and sign Jericho, subsequently becoming competition, he may have never been offered that chance in the first place.

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