Russian powerlifter suffers horrific leg break during event


There was a sickening incident in Russia yesterday at the Eurasian Championship when powerlifter Yaroslav Radoshkevich snapped his leg in three places during competition.

The lifter had reportedly been competing with a slight ankle injury, in the end it proved an extremely costly mistake.

The Russian had struggled at the monumental weight of 250kg and was unsuccessful in his first two attempts.

It was the third attempt where everything went wrong and the video is one of the most graphic you’re ever likely to watch.

As he held the weight above his head, you could visibly see the legs of the 20-year-old vigorously shaking and before you knew it, his right leg had buckled and snapped in three places.

The video shows the moment the accident happened but the camera quickly panned away from the scene with only shrieks in horror to be heard from the crowd.

Warning: The video below is not for the faint-hearted

It is likely to be the end of the Russian’s powerlifting career as he himself has admitted there is little hope of making a comeback.

Radoshkevich said: “I can hardly return to the sport following such an injury.

“I had achieved a lot but I will have quit my hopes and ambitions as rehabilitation will approximately take six months.”

It’s hardly a surprise that the Russian is so downbeat after such a tragic accident but it would be regarded as a miracle if he does ever get back to competing at any in the future.

Get well soon Yaroslav!

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