New rules will force goalkeepers to play outfield after being sin-binned


There's only one thing better in football than an outfield player in goal - and that’s a goalkeeper playing out on pitch.

It basically never happens, though.

The only example that springs to mind is the time Stuart Pearce inexplicably put David James upfront for Manchester City in a Premier League match against Middlesbrough.

James, unsurprisingly, looked like a fish out of water. One minute he was slicing shots, the next he was taking out Boro players with horrendously mistimes challenges.

It was an absolute joy to watch, but it’s not a surprise that we haven’t seen it happen since in the Premier League.

However, goalkeepers playing out on pitch will become a more common sight low down English football’s league pyramid from the start of next season thanks to a new rule change.

It was announced earlier this year that sin bins will be introduced from the fifth step of non-league and below in place of yellow cards for dissent.


And per the Mirror, more details have emerged about what will happen during matches when the goalkeeper is the player sin-binned.

"In the case of a Goalkeeper being Sin Binned, an outfield player must take over his position for the ten minute period,” the new rules states.

"On completing his/her Sin Bin period, the Goalkeeper must re-enter the field of play as an outfield player, until which time there is a stoppage in play enabling him to change position."

So, keepers will only be permitted to return to goal - but only once there’s a stoppage in play.

Until then they will be floundering about somewhere out on pitch, much like David James in 2005.

This will be carnage.

Referees will sin-bin players by showing them a yellow card and pointing to the touchline, instructing them to take 10 minutes out of the game.

The ref will then call the players back on to the pitch while play is going on.

If the same player is sin-binned twice in a match, their team will not be permanently reduced to 10 men.

Instead, the player in question will not be eligible to re-enter the field of play.

Their manager will need to replace him with a substitution once his second 10-minute punishment has ended.

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