Braun Strowman reveals that he wants to retire The Undertaker

The Undertaker and Braun Strowman in a 2017 stare-down

It cannot really be argued anymore that Braun Strowman has lost a considerable amount of momentum in WWE since 2017.

Despite being unsuccessful in pursuing the Universal Championship that year, Strowman still looked like a monster in defeat and fans were believing that 2018 was going to be the year he won a world championship.

But still there was nothing, and his WrestleMania moment was reduced to winning the Raw Tag Team Championships with a child.

Similarly this past WrestleMania saw Strowman on the pre-show in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, in a feud against two comedians - not the look of a man that WWE officials are taking seriously.

Strowman recently lost his spot in the Money In The Bank match to Sami Zayn, and will face Bobby Lashley at the upcoming Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia, and who knows when his next world title shot will come.

The Monster Among Men does have one man he would like to face in the near future who he hasn't had chance to share the ring with yet, and that is The Undertaker.

The two had one stare-down in 2017, but Undertaker's problems were with Roman Reigns back then, and whilst the face-to-face was well received, nothing ever came of it.

Braun Strowman wants to retire The Undertaker

But Strowman has revealed that he would like to put The Deadman away - this time though for good.

Speaking to The Express about a potential bout with Taker, Strowman said: “Just the opportunity to share the ring with The Undertaker but maybe be the final hammer to nail the coffin shut at The Deadman, The Monster is up to the challenge.

“I don’t know how many more retirement matches he can have.

“I can put him out to pasture like I did to Big Show.”

Now 54 years old, The Undertaker cannot have too long left inside a wrestling ring

Retiring Taker would make Strowman a legitimate threat once again in the main event scene and would almost be a passing of the torch in some sense.

With The Deadman now being 54 years of age, plans will need to be made soon for his final match, and we cant think of anyone better for the mantle than Strowman.

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