Vince McMahon commissioned the 24/7 Championship due to pressure from USA Network

Mick Foley unveils the WWE 24/7 Championship

WWE threw a spanner in the works on Raw this week with the revelation of a new title belt.

Hall of Famer Mick Foley was brought in to make the announcement of the 24/7 Championship, but it didn't go down so well.

Okay, so it's not the most aesthetically-pleasing title the world has ever seen, but there was no need to boo the legend that is Mick Foley whilst he revealed it.

What followed turned out to be a very entertaining segment, not long after Titus O'Neil became the inaugural champion by simply grabbing the belt from the ring, then Robert Roode rolled him up on the stage to become the second champion.

But R-Truth then made the title his after he helped hide Roode inside a car boot, then stunning him when the coast had cleared by having a referee in tow.

The segment has top billing in terms of numbers from Monday's episode of Raw, cracking two million views on YouTube, and from SmackDown's highlights, Truth running into the night has been viewed the second-most, so the belt itself has caused considerable debate and attention.

You'd probably think that the 24/7 Title is the brainchild of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, but it turns out that it isn't.

In a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea instead came from USA Network officials, who broadcast Raw in the United States on their network.

Ratings and viewership hit an all-time non-holiday low in April, so executives had passed on ideas to help try and boost the failing third hour of Raw, per WrestlingInc.

Vince McMahon was made to choose an idea from the USA Network to help boost ratings, and he chose the 24/7 Title

According to a source of the Observer, the ideas that USA Network had given to McMahon and the WWE were 'terrible', but a compromise had to be met considering the way the ratings had been going.

So Vince picked the 24/7 Championship idea, and despite the initial reaction to it, the social media numbers cannot be complained at.

It's created a source of interest and stories for several superstars who were doing nothing, and it looks like it will bring a bit of comic relief to the shows.

Time will tell whether or not the addition of the title will do anything for the ratings, but the 24/7 Championship should definitely be viewed as a positive change in WWE programming.

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