Jim Ross thinks that some big decision makers in WWE do not understand wrestling

Jim Ross

Legendary commentator Jim Ross ended his 25-year association with WWE this year.

After his contract expired in March, Ross chose not to renew his deal with the wrestling kingpins due to the fact his dealings were being cut back by the company.

Ross' last on-air appearance was way back in April 2018, where he was part of the pre-show for the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia.

Not content with sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing, Ross decided to break away for himself and take a chance.

That has paid off as he's now signed a deal with the upstart promotion All Elite Wrestling, who host their first show in Las Vegas this weekend - Double Or Nothing - and are funded by the billions of Tony Khan.

Ross will officially be the lead announcer for AEW and will no doubt bring a mass amount of expertise when it comes to working backstage.

Even though he's now departed the company, Ross has tried to pin-point where it's gone awry for WWE, and it seems the blame lays at the feet of quite a few people.

"I've always had a little bit of creative freedom to express myself. Over time WWE kind of reeled that back in, I guess they had some of that research or it was due to personal philosophy, I don't have a clue, but most of them don't understand wrestling - they are in administration there," Ross told ESPN.

Jim Ross has tried to pin-point where WWE are going wrong creatively as ratings continue to decline

"They are great marketers, they've got some brilliant, brilliant people in WWE, no doubt about it, but I think some of the key decisions are being made without an inordinate amount of product knowledge, which is not going to make them happy to hear, but that's the way I look at it.

"Vince could do better by surrounding himself with a different kind of consultant or writer or creative people or whatever."

It will come as no surprise to many fans that some higher-ups in WWE don't really have an understanding of the product, as quite a few writers are hired without working in the wrestling business.

But when an iconic figure like JR says why something is going wrong, maybe you have to sit up and listen to what he has to say - after all, ratings are really low at the minute for WWE, and All Elite Wrestling may prove a satisfying alternative for many lapsed fans.

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