Latest figures on EFL profit show Manchester United lost £37m in 2017/18 season

Getting to the Premier League is the ultimate goal for every club in the English Football League.

That is primarily due to financial reasons.

The amount of exposure the Premier League gets means clubs are given hundreds of millions just for participating.

The Premier League announced how much money was given to the clubs in the 2018/19 season.

Liverpool topped the pile with £150 million while Huddersfield, despite coming last, were given £96 million.

That’s some consolation for finishing bottom of the pile.

Outside of the Premier League, though, teams often struggle to make a profit.

That has been highlighted by Bolton this season, who have been unable to pay their players and have gone into administration as a result.

And the latest figures show just how much more money Premier League clubs make compared to the rest of the Football League.

Martyn Ziegler of the Times has ranked the 92 English League clubs in order of profitability from the 2017/18 season.

And here’s what he found…

2017/18 Net profit and loss:

1) Tottenham: £113m
2) Liverpool: £106m
3) Chelsea: £62m
4) Arsenal: £57m
5) Burnley: £37m
6) Southampton: £29m
7) Newcastle: £19m
8) Hull: £19m
9) West Ham: £17m
10) Norwich: £15m
11) Barnsley: £13m
12) Huddersfield: £11m
13) Brighton: £11m
14) Manchester City: £10m
15) Exeter: £2.4m
16) Leicester: £1m
17) Preston: £1m
18) Port Vale: £1m
19) Stevenage: £0.8m
20) Luton: £0.6m
21) Peterborough: £0.5m
22) Forest Green: £0.4m
23) Accrington: £0.4m
24) Fleetwood: £0.4m
25) Burton: £0.3m
26) Shrewsbury: £0.3m
27) Gillingham: £0.1m
28) Plymouth: £0.1m
29) Newport: £0.1m
30) Yeovil: £0.1m
31) Walsall: no profit/loss
32) Barnet: no profit/loss
33) Grimsby: -£0.04m
34) Cheltenham: -£0.1m
35) Carlisle: -£0.1m
36) Mansfield: -£0.1m
37) Bradford: -£0.3m
38) Rochdale: -£0.3m
39) Crawley: -£0.3m
40) Morecambe: -£0.4m
41) Oldham: -£0.5m
42) Rotherham: -£0.5m
43) Wimbledon: -£0.5m
44) Wycombe: -£0.7m
45) Crewe: -£0.8m
46) Cambridge: -£0.8m
47) Chesterfield: -£1.1m
48) Lincoln: -£1.1m
49) Derby: -£1.1m
50) Portsmouth: -£1.4m
51) Notts County: -£1.5m
52) Swindon: -£1.8m
53) Sheffield Utd: -£1.9m
54) Northampton: -£2m
55) Oxford: -£2m
56) Blackpool: -£2.1m
57) Coventry: -£2.5m
58) Doncaster: -£2.8m
59) Bury: -£2.8m
60) Swansea: -£3m
61) Southend: -£3.1m
62) Colchester: -£3m
63) Bristol Rovers: -£3m
64) Scunthorpe: -£3.6m
65) Brentford: -£3.9m
66) Leeds: -£4.3m
67) MK Dons: -£4.6m
68) Millwall: -£4.6m
69) Ipswich: -£5.2m
70) Bolton: -£5.4m
71) Nottingham Forest: -£5.6m
72) West Brom: -£6m
73) Middlesbrough: -£6.6m
74) Wigan: -£7.7m
75) Sunderland: -£10.2m
76) Charlton: -£10.4m
77) Bournemouth: -£11m
78) Everton: -£13m
79) Blackburn: -£16.8m
80) Reading: -£21m
81) Sheffield Wed: -£21m
82) Bristol City: -£25m
83) Watford: -£31m
84) Stoke: -£32m
85) Aston Villa: -£35m
86) Cardiff: -£36m
87) Crystal Palace: -£36m
88) Manchester Utd: -£37m
89) Birmingham: -£37m
90) QPR: -£38m
91) Fulham: -£45m
92) Wolves: -£57m

So 12 of the 20 top-flight clubs made a net profit in 2017-18.

Tottenham Hotspur led the way by making £113 million.

They were closely followed by Liverpool, while Chelsea round off the podium places.

Interestingly, Manchester United lost £37 million that season, with only four clubs in the Football league losing more money than them.

In contrast to Premier League clubs, 52 of the 72 clubs in the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two ended the season in the red.

In total the 20 Premier League clubs made a surplus of £304 million while the 72 EFL teams had a collective deficit of £388 million.

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