Cristiano Ronaldo scored a brilliant individual goal during Juventus training


It's hardly a criticism to observe that Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't use as many skills as he used to.

Sure, football fans can often miss the flamboyant skills that graced his Manchester United days, but the Portuguese has reinvented his style of play since those younger years.

Recent seasons with Real Madrid and Juventus have seen him become ruthlessly efficient, sparking counterattacks and lurking in the penalty area like a true poacher.

However, at the end of the day, we all know that one of the world's greatest dribblers is behind all of the more nuanced play we know see at the Allianz Stadium.

The man himself is willing to admit it and he explained in a recent interview with El Pais: "I see football as a mission: go to the field, win, make me better.

Ronaldo using skills less

"Those moments when I went to the field thinking, 'I'm going to dribble,' if I'm honest, I don't have those moments anymore.

"There is an additional pressure. People are always judging: 'It's over already. He's 33, 34 or 35 years old, I should leave him.' And you want to surprise people."

That being said, it doesn't mean that we don't see the odd flashes of skill and it always sparks excitement amongst supporters when a classic step-over rears its head.


Ronaldo's brilliant training goal

That was certainly the case in Juventus training this week, where Ronaldo put on an absolute dribbling clinic and scored a goal that the club's official Twitter couldn't resist posting.

Lurking out wide on the left wing, he breezed past the first defender with a superb piece of skill, burst into the penalty area with electic speed and left another opponent on his backside.

When he eventually pulled the trigger, the Portuguese almost took the net off and couldn't help playing to the crowd who were in attendance.

Sure, it was only training, but it was a brilliant goal right out of his United days - take a look at the full footage here:

There are few better sights in football than Ronaldo in full flow.

The Juventus man moves with such speed and strength that it makes him almost impossible to track and you just know he won't make any mistake with the finish.

Obviously, it's not quite as easy to score a similar goal during actual games, but fans would kill to see some more direct play from Ronaldo next season. 


He has enjoyed an impressive debut season in Italy, yet even the man himself would admit there's room for improvement and that 28 goals isn't his finest ever tally.

You can guarantee that if Ronaldo can raise his game that extra one per cent that remarkable goals - like we've seen in training - will follow in tandem.

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