Goldust fires shots at WWE's creative team and superstars who are scared to speak up to Vince McMahon

Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes

We are now one day away from the long-awaited debut show of All Elite Wrestling - Double Or Nothing.

Wrestling fans around the world have been waiting for the first glimpse of what could be WWE's new competition and it's finally going to happen in Las Vegas tomorrow night.

In one of the marquee matches, brothers will fight for the first time ever, as Cody Rhodes will do battle with his half-brother Dustin Runnels - better known as Goldust from his WWE days.

Goldust's contract expired a few months ago with WWE, and despite his best efforts to swerve the reports, he was eventually named as Cody's opponent for Double Or Nothing.

Even though he's now departed WWE for good, it hasn't stopped Dustin from taking a shot at a few groups of people, namely the creative team.

He believes that AEW will be creatively a world apart from WWE and that it won't be as hard to suggest ideas as it is in WWE.

"AEW is gonna open a lot of eyes and shock the world," Dustin told WrestlingInc's podcast.

"I think everybody is rushing to up their ratings and entertainment value. Let's face it, the creative team in the other company [WWE]… you pitch so many ideas and nothing ever gets done.

Dustin Runnels, also known as Goldust, will compete at AEW's first event this weekend - Double Or Nothing

"They never take your idea seriously and then you have to bypass them and go to the boss [Vince McMahon]."

Speaking of McMahon, Runnels believes that a lot of superstars are scared to approach the higher power with ideas, something which baffles him very much.

"If something is pitched to you and it's a damn good angle, why are you scared to go take it to the man [Vince McMahon]?" said Runnels.

"That makes no sense to me; he's a man. He might be our boss but all he can do is say 'yes' or 'no.' My frustration was that I didn't get a lot of answers."

Goldust has criticised superstars for not being brave enough to go to Vince McMahon with creative ideas

It seems like a growing list of people who are now speaking up about backstage problems in WWE and how hard some people are to deal with.

Therefore it's no surprise to see the amount of releases that have been requested from superstars over the last year who want to try and make a name for themselves elsewhere, or stars who are just running down their deals.

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