Cody Rhodes trashes the new WWE 24/7 Championship but says he 'felt sorry' for Mick Foley

Cody Rhodes

Tonight is finally the night as All Elite Wrestling make their long-awaited debut in Las Vegas with Double Or Nothing.

The likes of Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody and Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks will star in the inaugural showing of Tony Khan's brand-new promotion.

With the recent announcement of television deals in both the United States and the United Kingdom, the hype has been accelerated, and WWE are reportedly taking notice of them now after they were branded as 'competition' in a backstage talent meeting before Money In The Bank. 

It seems as though various AEW stars have taken shots at WWE in the last few days though.

Goldust criticised some of his ex-colleagues and also the creative team, and Cody Rhodes made a comment about Bayley that didn't go down too well with WWE fans.

Speaking of Rhodes, he also just had to share his opinion on Thursday regarding WWE's new 24/7 Championship during his on-stage Q & A with The Young Bucks at Starrcast II.

Turns out Cody isn't a fan of the design, and he felt desperately sorry for Foley for being put in the position of unveiling it.

Despite the action surrounding the belt getting big YouTube numbers, the design of the 24/7 Title has left a lot to be desired

"We all love Mick Foley right? I felt so bad - he's standing out there, he's a living legend, what the f*** was he holding?" lamented Cody.

"Like no thought, no thought went into that. Like what is it? It's 24/7. So what do you put on it? 24/7." 

Despite the strange design of the title, the concept of the championship itself has gone down well on YouTube, with fans seemingly taking to R-Truth's reign in big numbers.

It's just the belt isn't aesthetically-pleasing to many fans at all, hence why it has been mocked.

Nick Jackson added that AEW's titles are going to look good, and that he nearly 'threw up' when he saw the 24/7 title.

A cynic would suggest Rhodes and The Bucks are jealous about something, but they have no real reason to be.

Maybe they can just see the belt for what it really is...

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