Lukas Jutkiewicz wears his full Birmingham City kit as he sets off for his stag-do

Birmingham City striker Lukas Jutkiewicz.

Every so often, you may see a professional footballer out in the real world, doing real-world things, looking like real-life people.

Perhaps they're shopping, buying a coffee, or even boarding a flight to go to their stag do.

The latter is what happened to BBC Radio journalist Hayden Atkins, who caught Birmingham City striker Lukas Jutkiewicz at Stanstead Airport.

Only this was a little different to the usual 'footballer in public' sighting.

Usually, they don't look like they do at the ground, what with them wearing regular clothes, the same as everyone else.

Not Jutkiewicz, though - he was in full Birmingham City kit, EFL badge and all, lacking only shinpads and boots.

Little harder to fly under the radar when you're in a bright blue football kit with your name across the back.

As for Atkins, the sight of the 30-year-old striker was a 'highlight' of his morning.

Lukas Jutkiewicz scores for Birmingham.

"Seeing Lukas Jutkiewicz head to toe in a blues kit at 4.30am at Stanstead airport going on his stag do was a right highlight this morning," said Atkins on Twitter.

He also, naturally, snapped a photo to show off Jutkiewicz in all his full-kit glory.

You can check out Atkins' tweets here:

As far as stag outfits go, it's a pretty good one and quite unique; unless you know a footballer or actually are a footballer, it's an opportunity you don't really have.

A 30-year-old man out in public in a full football kit is very rarely a happy sight, after all.

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