Referee accidentally scores goal in Dutch amateur game


It must be hard for referees to resist the urge to kick the ball at times.

Refs are football fans like the rest of us. If we see a ball, we want to kick it. It’s only natural.

But once a person decides to go down the route of refereeing, they know that kicking the ball is strictly off limits.

Every time they touch the ball during the game, it’s a bad moment.

It’s not uncommon to see a ref accidentally touch the ball and get pelters from the crowd for getting in the way.

However, one referee’s worst nightmare came true on Saturday when he accidentally scored a goal during the clash between Harkemase Boys and HSV Hoek in the fourth tier of Dutch football.

As the ball bounced about inside the six-yard box, it ricocheted beyond the goal-line courtesy of the ref, who wasn’t in the best position.

Despite the best efforts of one of the Harkemase Boys’ players to clear the ball, it had crossed the line, so the ref was left with no choice but to give the goal.

That goal reduced Harkemase Boys’ lead to 3-2; however, it didn’t prove too costly in the end.

The home side scored again before full-time to seal a 4-2 victory.


This is probably the last time we’ll ever see an incident like this because, from next Saturday (June 1) onwards, the rules are changing.

If a referee accidentally ‘scores’ a goal, a drop-ball would now be given.

Similarly, if the ball hits the referee and results in a change of team possession, or a promising attack starting, a drop-ball would also be given.

It will eliminate this type of incident from ever happening again which, in some ways, is a shame for us fans.

But referees across the world will be relieved that nothing like this will happen to them.

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