Jim Ross wants to bring both Dean Ambrose and Jerry 'The King' Lawler to All Elite Wrestling

Jim Ross

Speculation surrounding the man who was previously known as Dean Ambrose joining up with All Elite Wrestling continues to rumble.

The rumours started ever since the announcement that Ambrose would be leaving WWE upon the expiration of his contract in April.

An exciting teaser video was posted by the man himself on Twitter, revealing that he was reverting to the name Jon Moxley, and soon enough he was confirmed to be returning to the indies after nearly seven years on the WWE main roster.

It's not expected that Moxley will be at Double Or Nothing tonight, but you can never say never in this industry.

One man who has made the jump from WWE to AEW is Jim Ross, who is the lead commentator and a 'senior advisor', which means he will definitely have some say in who arrives in the business.

Speaking to ESPN's No Holds Barred podcast, Ross stated that the possibility of Moxley turning up some day in AEW is a very real one.

“I think it could happen for sure, and I think he’s a high priority for any company," said Ross, per Fightful.

"Whether it be AEW, or WWE retaining him, or him going ROH or anywhere else. Jon’s a very talented kid. Where ever he’s going to go, he’s going to be a big player.

The rumours of Dean Ambrose, now going under the name Jon Moxley, joining AEW will not go away

"Jon Moxley is a pro wrestling star, no matter the jersey that he’s wearing. I just hope somewhere down the road. If all the cards fall where they should, I’ll be calling his matches as well.”

It does make quite a bit of sense for Moxley to end up in AEW. They'd be willing to pay a huge contract and he wouldn't be doing nearly as much dates as he would've been doing with WWE.

But aside from his planned appearances on the independent scene, Moxley may just want to take a bit of a break from mainstream wrestling, and the dates would stack up when AEW starts broadcasting on a weekly basis later this year.

Another WWE icon who could be switching sides is Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

At the Starrcast II convention, JR and Lawler were partaking in a question and answer session when Ross revealed that Lawler's contract would soon be expiring with WWE.

WWE icon Jerry Lawler's contract is expiring with the company soon, and Jim Ross has revealed he will try to bring him to AEW

And with Ross adding that he was going to try and bring Lawler to AEW, it begs the question - in what role?

It looks as though they already have their three-man commentary booth sorted so you'd assume it would be a backstage role in which Lawler would take up.

And now JR's intentions are known it would not be a surprise to see 'The King' join the likes of Billy Gunn and Dean Malenko in backstage roles at AEW.

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