Video comparing Pep Guardiola and Neil Warnock has gone viral

Manchester City v Cardiff City - Premier League

Pep Guardiola and Neil Warnock. Two managers on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

In Guardiola, you have a real student of the game. Someone who, you imagine, spends his free time thinking of tactics and how to defeat next week’s opponent.

Then there’s Warnock. Less of a tactician, more of a motivator with one of the fiercest personalities in the game.

While Guardiola has spent his managerial career competing for the biggest trophies in the game, Warnock has forged a career fighting for promotion and trying to keep teams in the Premier League.

Their fortunes this season were really contrasting.

Guardiola won a domestic treble with Manchester City; Warnock was unable to keep Cardiff City in the Premier League.

But, while their achievements may be contrasting - Warnock’s highest honour is winning the Championship with Queens Park Rangers in 2011 - they may be more alike than first thought.


Guardiola vs Warnock

A brilliant video has gone viral on social media comparing Guardiola and Warnock’s managerial styles.

‘Guardiola vs Warnock - Different Philosophies, Same Inspiration’, it’s titled.

And it’s pure gold.


You can’t knock either manager’s passion. They both live and breathe football.

Guardiola is coming off another incredible season, doing wonders for his legacy by becoming the first manager in history to win a domestic treble in England.

There’s a case to be made that the Spaniard has built one of the finest teams in Premier League history.


City collected 100 points en route to winning the title last season and were just two points shy of matching that tally this year.

As for Warnock, his managerial career has also been a success.

The 70-year-old holds the record for most promotions in English football with eight.

And he’ll be hoping to make it nine next season with Cardiff, who will be hoping for an immediate return to the top flight.

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