Study names Man Utd fans as the best in the Premier League for chanting

Manchester United v Cardiff City - Premier League

The suggestion that Manchester United fans have the best chants in the country would certainly raise plenty of eyebrows.

We'll let you decide whether football fans are right or not, but Old Trafford has gained something of a reputation for - despite all its history and character - lacking the atmosphere of old.

When supporters are asked to name the Premier League stadiums with the best crowds, you can usually expect Anfield, St. James' Park and Selhurst Park to be name-dropped.

In truth, they would probably be the top three if we were talking pre-match music, elaborate banners and having the highest number on the decibel count.

However, when it comes to chants, maybe that's a different story? There's no objective way of ranking the cries of supporters, but that hasn't stopped one study from trying.

Football chants

If you haven't checked out before then do yourself a favour because they are as close to a definitive bank of football chants that you're ever likely to find.

Taking in recordings from the terraces, it boasts a library of over 25,000 songs, which are all sorted into their respective teams and are categorised into different types of chants.

The different categories they use are: anthems, classic, funny, 'Hall of Fame', having a go and vintage. The labels are pretty self explanatory.

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Premier League table of chants

And as a result, the website has attempting to order the Premier League teams by the quality and quantity of their chants - with United coming out on top.

Their explanation for the ranking is as follows: 'Based on a calculation that determines which teams have the most songs submitted to their team's library.

'It takes into account the quality of the songs too - some songs score more than others, for example a classic anthem would score more than a song where fans are chanting a player's name over and over.'

So, without further ado, check out the full chanting table down below:


Perhaps Old Trafford doesn't have the best atmosphere in the country, but there's plenty of evidence here to show that when they chant, they're the best in England.

It's perhaps less surprising to see Newcastle take the silver medal, yet Arsenal's position in third will also have people scratching their heads considering the Emirates' reputation.

Liverpool will be kicking themselves in fifth place and clubs like Tottenham and West Ham will feel miffed to be below the so-often-maligned fanbase of Manchester City.

Now, of course, it's also important to acknowledge that some groups of supporters have dropped some rather distasteful chants over the years and they aren't included here.

Manchester City v Leicester City - Premier League

However, some of the more civil criticisms of other clubs do make the cut and while they aren't really reward in this points system, another study looked into it.

Liverpool were found to be the team that received the most derogatory chants in the England's top division, while Leeds United took the undesired crown overall.

Which club do you think has the best chants? Have your say in the comments section below.

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