Liverpool had the second best win rate in Europe's top five leagues this season

Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

Let's face it, there has seldom been a more unlucky team than Liverpool in 2018-19.

We don't mean that because decisions went against them or that their rivals were incredibly fortuitous, but to finish in second place with so many points was completely unprecedented.

The Reds literally bested Arsenal's 'Invincibles' and every single Manchester United team in the competition's history, yet continued to be nothing more than the Premier League's bridesmaid.

They were unlucky to face a Manchester City side that has churned out the two best championship-winning seasons in the competition's history as far as statistics are concerned.

Liverpool suffered just one defeat throughout the entire campaign and have been left kicking themselves about draws with teams like Everton, Manchester United and West Ham.

Liverpool finish second

They were left waiting for City to drop points and despite churning out nine consecutive wins themselves, watched in shock as Pep Guardiola masterminded 14 victories on the bounce.

Sure, Liverpool still have the Champions League to contest at the weekend, but supporters must still be scratching their heads why these chose this season, of all seasons, to amass 97 points.

And now that all the football in Europe's top five leagues has come to a close, we can put Liverpool's second-place season into even finer perspective.

Liverpool FC v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League

Comparing Liverpool to Europe

It seems to be acknowledged that clubs like Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain dominate their leagues and while that might be true, they couldn't produce a win rate like Liverpool's.

What about the Lionel Messi-wielding Barcelona? Well, even having one of the greatest players in history on your team couldn't help the Blaugrana to match the performance level of Liverpool.

In fact, rather astonishingly, Liverpool managed to produce a better win rate than every single club in Europe's top five leagues, other than the very side that beat them in England.

Check out the eye-opening statistic down below:

Surely Liverpool are the most unlucky runners-up in living memory?

There's good reason to consider the Premier League as the continent's most competitive and yet Liverpool handled that better than many clubs who have the rub of the green in their leagues.

It depends what you make of those 97 points, because you could argue that it makes the feeling of coming second a little less painful.

The scenes on the final day at Anfield were very different to their equivalent in 2013-14 and fans know that their team couldn't have done much more. 

Liverpool v Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Second Leg

Sure, those dropped points in February will continue to sting, but who could have expected that City would go four months without a single draw or defeat?

By securing a win against Wolves, Liverpool officially clocked the highest points tally for a second-placed team in the top five leagues - beating Real Madrid's 2009-10 total of 96. Ouch.

Do you think Liverpool are the unluckiest runners-up ever? Have your say in the comments section below.

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