Jon Moxley cuts passionate first promo as an All Elite Wrestling superstar

Jon Moxley

On Saturday night in Las Vegas, All Elite Wrestling threw down the gauntlet to WWE in their inaugural show - Double Or Nothing.

One of the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW, Cody Rhodes, fired a shot directly towards WWE's COO Triple H by destroying a throne with a sledgehammer that looked a lot like one The Game would use.

But the roof would almost come off the MGM Grand Garden Arena at the end of the show when AEW unveiled their huge surprise signing.

Jon Moxley, better known as Dean Ambrose in WWE circles, would make his AEW bow in fascinating fashion, arriving through the crowd to drop Chris Jericho with a DDT, and then brawled with Kenny Omega.

The reaction for Moxley's debut was absolutely thunderous, and whilst some fans may have predicted it was going to happen all along, it didn't take away from the complete shock.

AEW owner Tony Khan confirmed post-event that Moxley had signed a full-time contract for when their weekly show goes on the air later this year, and Moxley himself posted a picture alongside Cody on social media to prove that the shackles are off him for good.

Moxley has now cut his first promo as an AEW superstar, and it's every bit as good as you'd imagine it to be.

"One day they will all come to my funeral just to make sure that I stay dead - but today is not that day," Moxley shouted.

In a passionate backstage promo, Jon Moxley declared that AEW would knock down pillars

"I am alive - my heart is still beating and I am breathing fresh air for the first time in a long time.

"“My name is Jon Moxley, and I am on a mission to reclaim my soul, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that it’s about time this industry got a facelift.

"So make no mistake about it, this is an official declaration of war tonight to anyone who wants to get in my way … and anybody who stands in AEW’s way.

"We have a mission to knock the pillars of this industry on their a**, we ain't reading history books anymore baby, we're writing them.

"This is what you call a paradigm shift."

Passionate words from Moxley, who you can clearly see is revelling being free from WWE.

It's also been confirmed that Moxley will be making a trip to Japan on June 5, and will appear at the Best Of The Super Juniors event.

The video seemed to hint that he will confront Juice Robinson, formerly CJ Parker in NXT years ago, but all we know for sure is Moxley is free to do whatever he wants now, so strap in for the ride.

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