FC Lviv's Pedro Vitor invented the 'overhead kick first touch' vs Oleksandriya

Pedro Vitor's insane overhead kick first touch

All football fans love an overhead kick.

Is there a better way to score a goal? Absolutely not, but it is notoriously hard to perform for any professional player.

It requires impeccable timing and serious athleticism. Gareth Bale's strike against Liverpool in last year's Champions League final was one of the greatest examples of the art.

Wayne Rooney's famous strike versus Manchester City is another, but one Brazilian playing out in Ukraine has taken the overhead kick to a new level.

That's because 21-year-old Pedro Vitor of FC Lviv actually used it to control the ball.

Yes, you did read that correctly. With a lofted pass heading his way and potentially going over his head, Vitor decided to leap in the air overhead-style and bring the ball into his path.

He then got up, collected the ball, ran down the wing and delivered a cross into the box.

You can watch Vitor's moment of inspiration below.


Warning kids, don't try that down the park...

If FC Lviv had scored from that cross, it would have been one of the greatest assists in football history.

Sadly, they actually went on to lose the game to Oleksandriya 1-0, but at least their fans were treated so some South American magic.

There's just something about Brazilian's and crazy skills, isn't there?

Few players have ever been as skilful as Ronaldinho

The likes of Ronaldinho, Denilson and Marcelo have dazzled us down the years with their close control and outlandish flair.

Now, we can safely add Vitor's name to that list.

What's the craziest piece of skill you've ever seen in a football match? Let us know in the comment box below.

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