How will WWE respond on Monday Night Raw after the events of AEW Double Or Nothing?

Vince McMahon needs to do something to shift the attention back in WWE's favour

An all-out wrestling war may have just broken out on Saturday night.

There's been much argument as to whether or not All Elite Wrestling would be competition for WWE when they first launched, and it seems as though the battle-lines have already been drawn.

From WWE officials reportedly calling AEW their competition in a backstage meeting, to Cody Rhodes seemingly firing shots at Triple H in his entrance, there is definitely going to be a battle in the near future.

The arrival of Jon Moxley in AEW rubber-stamped their credentials - and they're only just getting started.

Pay-per-view figures have yet to be released, but there was such a buzz on social media regarding Double Or Nothing, and let's not forget they were able to get around 13,000 fans into the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

It's thought that AEW will bring their weekly show out around October time, and only then we will be able to see if it can compete numbers wise with WWE, but they've certainly had a positive start.

The question now though is - how do WWE respond?

Jon Moxley's debut in All Elite Wrestling will not have gone down well in WWE

Viewership has not been healthy for Raw and SmackDown recently, and it's gotten to the point where officials from television networks are reportedly trying to give Vince McMahon ideas as to how to attract more viewers.

It was the USA Network who apparently pitched the 24/7 Championship idea, amongst a host of others which were reportedly negatively received.

We will have to wait a few weeks to see what kind of numbers Raw does with the title in a prominent role, but social media and YouTube numbers see R-Truth's reign as champion doing very well indeed.

Vince McMahon may need to think of something big to get the attention back on WWE after the exploits of AEW

But all eyes will be on Vince and Triple H to see how they respond directly to the actions of Cody and Moxley.

They were probably not expecting AEW to make as hot of a start as they did, and now they will have to do something really big to get positive attention back on themselves.

They're limited to an extent that they have to run to PG guidelines, compared to AEW's TV14, which was evidenced by the bloody match between Cody and Dustin Rhodes, but if they're directly referenced on camera that could be very interesting indeed.

It wouldn't be surprising for Raw to gain its best numbers in some time tonight off the back of Double Or Nothing, and a new wrestling rivalry really could be 'best for business'.

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