Dustin Rhodes says 30 WWE employees texted him to say how good Double Or Nothing was

Dustin Rhodes

On a historic night in Las Vegas, two brothers went head-to-head and left it all on the line, in a match where Cody Rhodes vowed to 'kill' the Attitude Era by defeating Dustin Rhodes.

Cody and Dustin stole the show inside the ring, and they were able to utilise something that WWE can't with their PG rating - blood.

As Jim Ross would say, Dustin bled 'like a stuffed pig' and was eventually on the losing end, but the whole story of the match had the fans on their feet.

Following the match, Cody cut an emotional promo which ended with him asking Dustin to team up with him again to take on The Young Bucks in the near future.

Dustin told the media after the match that he was going to retire in the ring, but Cody seemingly blind-sided him with the promo which suggests that it wasn't in the script.

The day after the historic event, Dustin took part in a Q & A at Starrcast II, where he revealed some interesting information in relation to WWE employees contacting him about the show.

“I think the internal reaction was ‘Wow, there’s a life outside of prison', said Rhodes regarding the success of Double Or Nothing, per Ringside News.

Dustin Rhodes has revealed that WWE employees congratulated him and AEW for a great show

"I would say about 30 of the WWE including employees texted me last night and telling me 'Oh my god, awesome, incredible, I love the show’ so they watched the show.

“I don’t know if Hunter or Vince or Stephanie watched the stuff, but some of the office personnel did and it makes me feel good that something else was in the spotlight - that shows there is life out of WWE that is shining and it was magical last night.”

If Vince McMahon was furious at WWE superstars for tweeting about Double Or Nothing, he's going to be incensed at officials and superstars congratulating AEW via Dustin.

Obviously publicly tweeting praise for the 'competition' looks a lot worse for WWE but the likelihood is Vince does not want any of his employees congratulating anyone connected to AEW at all, in the public domain or privately.

There could be a storm brewing, and we may see some fallout on Monday Night Raw tonight.

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