Sami Zayn surprisingly name-drops All Elite Wrestling during Monday Night Raw segment

Sami Zayn

After the exploits of All Elite Wrestling's inaugural show on Saturday night, the onus quickly shifted back to WWE for Monday Night Raw.

Double Or Nothing was so well received for both its action and key talking points that you would've expected something big to be pulled out of the bag to get people talking about WWE in a positive light again.

But the response was disappointing to say the least.

There were just five matches on the whole show, and the first of them took 50 minutes from the start of the show for the first bell to ring.

Of course though the main talking point was if AEW would be name-dropped at all - surely Vince McMahon wouldn't allow such a thing to happen, especially as he refused to mention TNA Wrestling when they were competing in the 2000s.

Well we still don't know the answer, but we most definitely got a name-drop.

During the new-look third hour of Raw, we saw the addition of the 'Electric Chair', where superstars are asked questions by fans and are forced to 'tell the truth', and the first man to be a part of it would be Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn dropped an AEW-bomb on Monday Night Raw

When Zayn took offence to a fan asking him why he hasn't won the Universal Championship since he returned, those three letters were dropped to the surprise of everyone in the crowd.

The AEW chants rained down inside the arena in Kansas City after that, and from this video evidence they were happening much earlier in the night.

It's not clear whether or not Vince allowed Sami to utter 'AEW' as a tester to gauge the reaction from the crowd and social media, but the segment was cut short not long after, either because Vince did not like the reaction or he got what he wanted.

No doubt there were a few shocked faces in the audience though and it certainly lit a fire on social media.

Unfortunately for the higher-ups of WWE, AEW chants are going to be a thing now, regardless of whether or not they like it, and the action they served up last night was not a good sign whatsoever.

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