Baron Corbin will face Seth Rollins for Universal Championship at Super ShowDown

Baron Corbin

Only eight days off the back of the events of Money In The Bank, WWE continued the build-up to their next pay-per-view on Raw - Super ShowDown.

The three-and-a-half week gap between the events means everything is getting quite a hasty build-up, and until last night, Seth Rollins did not have a challenger for his Universal Championship.

That void was expected to be filled by Mr. Money In The Bank - Brock Lesnar.

The expectation was that Lesnar was going to announce he was cashing his contract in against Rollins for a singles match at Super ShowDown.

However that wasn't to be the case as The Beast Incarnate left the show without making a decision, which to many will be the right decision as it's always best when the cash-in is left a surprise.

But at least Lesnar entertained us with his dancing before he exited Kansas City for the evening.

Perhaps it was obvious that he was going to do that though when it was announced before the show that there would be a Fatal Four-Way on Raw to determine who would face Rollins in Saudi Arabia on June 7.

Towards the end of the bout, Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman took their fight backstage, which left just Baron Corbin and The Miz to battle it out inside the ring.

And it was Corbin who ended up victorious and secured himself a shot at Rollins' title in Jeddah in less than two weeks time.

Baron Corbin hits The Miz with an End Of Days to secure a title shot against Seth Rollins

The former Acting GM of Raw was never going to be a popular choice, but it seems as though the important people backstage think very highly of him.

Corbin is an easy heat magnet although it's hard to establish whether he is a good heel or if people just find him a boring character.

But he's doing something right to be given these big opportunities on Raw, and at least he has a fan in Dustin Rhodes, who 'likes his style'.

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