Arsenal fan shares image of his horrible bathroom in Baku ahead of Europa League final


The logistics surrounding the 2019 Europa League final in Baku have been a mess.

Those travelling from the UK will make a complicated 6,000-mile round trip to the capital of Azerbaijan, where Arsenal and Chelsea will meet on Wednesday.

Both clubs were allocated 6,000 tickets each, a dismal number when the Baku Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 68,700.

And the ongoing conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has meant Arsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan will stay at home.

UEFA have come under heavy criticism for the decision to host the match in Baku.

Arsenal and Chelsea have sent back part of their allocation, with many fans put off by the difficulty and costs of the journey.

And when they see one Arsenal fan’s accommodation in Baku, they won’t regret their decision to stay at home.

Arsenal fan's awful accommodation 

A supporter has shared a photo of the bathroom that was advertised on the website he booked the accommodation through - and what he was met with upon arrival.

It’s safe to say he was misled.



“Have you ever seen anything more Europa League?,” he asks.

You have to admire the dedication of any supporter who has made the trip to Baku.

The capital city is further east than Riyadh in Saudi Arabia or Baghdad in Iraq.


Getting a flight there wasn’t easy. The quickest journey by air on the day of the final, May 29, takes six hours and 55 minutes.

And those wanting to get a train would have faced a four-day journey from London to Baku, passing through seven countries and making 11 changes, per the BBC.


UEFA’s decision to award the final to Baku will come under even more scrutiny following the revelation that the governing bodies themselves didn’t consider the city fit to host a Europa League final.

In 2017, Baku bid to host the 2019 Champions League and Europa League finals.

But UEFA’s published valuation reports, per the Daily Mail, warned that Baku wouldn’t have have the required number of hotel rooms necessary for a final, with campsites, university dormitories and guest houses needed to house supporters.

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