R-Truth loses 24/7 Championship and regains it on the same night during SmackDown Live

R-Truth beats Elias to become the 24/7 Champion again

He's been running for a whole week, but the reign of R-Truth as 24/7 Champion finally came to an end on SmackDown Live.

Ever since blindsiding Robert Roode on Raw last week, Truth has made WWE's newest title his own.

And somehow he's managed to avoid capture for eight days, running into various road blocks in that duration.

Much was said of the 24/7 Title upon it's reveal, but despite the look of it, it's given many superstars a purpose and a storyline.

For example, Drake Maverick has been handing out WANTED posters wherever he's been and it's given other lower-card superstars TV opportunity and they're actually fighting for a prize.

Truth was seemingly going to hold the belt for a long time, but disaster struck during SmackDown last night.

As he was running from the competition, he finally got the better of Drake Maverick inside the ring and made his first successful defence.

A beaten and battered R-Truth makes his way to the ring for the main event

Unfortunately for Truth, the trio of Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre were standing behind him, celebrating 'Shane McMahon Appreciation Night'.

After being attacked by the trio, Elias took advantage to end the week-long reign of Truth, much to the disappointment of the WWE Universe.

Fear not though, as Truth would get his revenge.

In a very unlikely pairing, Truth teamed up with Roman Reigns to take on new champion Elias and McIntyre in the main event, with the 24/7 rule being suspended until after the match.

Reigns got the win for the duo by Spearing Elias into oblivion, and once the bell rung for the end of the match and with McIntyre and Shane-o-Mac at the top of the stage, the 24/7 ruling had re-commenced.

That gave Truth the chance to reclaim his prize against a prone Elias, and he took it with both hands.

Who says WWE don't give the fans what they want?

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