French Open ballboy widely praised for putting Fernando Verdasco in his place

2019 French Open - Day Three

A French Open ballboy has been glorified by tennis fans on social media following a unique moment with Spanish player Fernando Verdasco during his first round match against British no. 3 Dan Evans.

The 23rd seed defeated Evans 6-3, 6-7, 6-3, 6-2 to progress to the second phase against Antonie Hoang, but managed to add to his damaged reputation with ballboys in the process.

Verdasco famously shouted at a young volunteer for not bringing his towel to him fast enough at the Shenzhen Open back in October, which resulted in stars of the sport such as Roger Federer calling for more respect towards those helping out at the tournament.

On that occasion, the Spaniard berated the boy for taking too long giving him his towel in between points, leaving the teenager clearly uncomfortable and confused.

He made people react too in the masses again here, though, as during the match, Verdasco attempted to hand the boy an empty water bottle before ultimately being told to put it elsewhere himself.

With his hands already full holding an umbrella to shade the world number 115, he was right to point elsewhere as if to say: "I'm not sure, put it over there I guess."

After Verdasco decided to leave it on his chair as he continued his match in the blistering sun, social media picked up on the incident.

One viewer insisted the ball boy should be "given a medal," while another admitted they "loved seeing Verdasco learn a lesson in humility."

One player who isn't a fan of Verdasco is the ever-controversial Nick Kyrgios, who claims he "drives him nuts" for a number of reasons.

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“Verdasco drives me nuts, man. That guy … I don’t even want to talk about it. It gets me so vexed, I’m like angry now that I just hear that name. He’s the most arrogant person ever.

“He doesn’t say hello, he thinks he’s so good, he thinks he’s God’s gift. Dude, your backhand’s pretty average and let’s be honest, you hit a ball over a net.

“Guy’s like that, they drive me insane. There’s no humility there, there’s no perspective, it’s just like, ‘I’m here, I’m so cool, I’m unbelievable because I hit a ball over the net. Do this for me, do this for me, I won’t say hello to you, I’m too important’.”

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