Jon Moxley says Vince McMahon's creative process is 'killing' WWE and that he's told the man himself

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley may very well be the biggest star in wrestling right now after his debut for All Elite Wrestling this past weekend.

Fresh off the back of Double Or Nothing, Moxley has told his side of the story as to why he left WWE in April on Chris Jericho's podcast.

It includes some damning stories about Vince McMahon and how negative his mindset was at times during his time with the company.

He  slated some of the backstage promos that writers constructed for him made him look stupid but McMahon argued that the silly aspect of Dean Ambrose was the reason the fans liked his character.

Moxley began to describe how tired and stressed he became from how his character was written; an episode of Raw in late 2018 was pinpointed where he balked at the script which would see him run down the fans in Los Angeles in a juvenile manner.

And the very next week is where he decided he was leaving for good, after the embarrassing 'rabies injection' promo in Milwaukee that Vince McMahon loved - Moxley left the arena early that night because he felt so awful about his work.

It was during his feud with Jericho himself in 2016 that Moxley recalled becoming almost 'brain-dead' due to not being able to implement his own ideas to his character, and would wake up in the middle of the night with a thought but would end up sad as he wouldn't be able to use it.

Jon Moxley has told-all about how Vince McMahon is ruining WWE

WWE took away his passion for wrestling with their micro-management, said Moxley, and that a sort-of depression set in where he dreaded going to work.

That mood has cleared now though, and he said he's told McMahon exactly what he thinks of how he writes the shows - that his creative process 'sucks', and the methods are killing the company and that 'Vince is the problem'.

Moxley argued with McMahon about taking a bump from Nia Jax the night after the Royal Rumble, despite it being well received in the end.

Moxley also spoke of how he felt he was being embarrassed after his segment with Nia Jax

Feeling as though he was being embarrassed on his way out of the company, Moxley stormed into a private writers meeting and demanded to speak to McMahon, who tried to convince him that Jax overpowering Ambrose would be an 'attraction'.

The hope for Moxley is that AEW's drive and determination to produce something great will force WWE to change their ways, but he's not confident of that as 'Vince will die in the chair' and never change.

It's safe to say that with this interview, bridges have well and truly been burnt by the former 'Lunatic Fringe'.

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