Barack Obama has discussed Lionel Messi's struggle to win the World Cup

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final

Lionel Messi's international career has been punctuated with disappointment and heartbreak.

Despite winning an Olympic gold medal in 2008 and becoming Argentina's all-time top scorer, the legendary forward has failed to deliver a Copa America or World Cup trophy.

Although Messi will be regarded as one of the greatest players in history regardless of whether he bags either trophy, it would definitely influence his legacy in future decades.

World Cup glory in particular is seen as a massive influence in the GOAT (great of all-time) debate with both Pele and Diego Maradona having collected the famous trophy.

Sure, Cristiano Ronaldo hasn't been able call himself a world champion either, but still managed to inspire Portugal to victory in the 2016 European Championships.

Messi chasing international glory

Therefore, the pressure is on for Messi to either deliver Copa America success this summer or shine in what will surely be his final ever World Cup campaign in 2022.

Even with Messi's genius, though, that might not be enough and it's been well publicised how disappointingly the Argentina team around him has played in recent years.

Numerous compilations have shown how Messi's Argentina teammates have continually let him down and that the Barcelona star has struggled to turn things around by himself.

France v Argentina: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Obama speaks about Messi

And it's a point that has been rather unexpectedly highlighted by former American president Barack Obama, who used Messi has an example during a speech on Tuesday.

According to Goal, Obama explained: "Even people that we consider geniuses work with other people in order to develop their style.

"In Argentina, even though Messi is wonderful, they have problems winning the World Cup.

"My advice to young people is that we have to recognise very few people achieve great things on their own."

Obama his pretty much hit the nail on head there and if Messi will ever lift the World Cup trophy, it will come from Argentina players trying to match his performance levels.

It's also an issue that has bled into the Barcelona conversation in recent weeks, particularly after the gutting 4-0 defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League.


Just one week after Messi delivered an individual masterclass, his teammates in midfield and defence completely capitulating on Merseyside.

As a result, there have been the same accusations of 'Messi FC' that have followed him around for so long at Argentina and it only serves to reiterate Obama's point.

The greatest player in history or not, you can't escape the fact football is a team sport.

Do you think Messi will ever win an international trophy? Have your say in the comments section below.

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