Jon Moxley recalls being 'disgusted' by WWE writer who tried to exploit Roman Reigns' illness

Jon Moxley

He's the talk of the wrestling world right now after the events of All Elite Wrestling's inaugural show Double Or Nothing, and now Jon Moxley has told-all about Vince McMahon and his final days with WWE.

A new episode of Chris Jericho's podcast was released this morning with an hour-and-a-half worth of content from Moxley himself, mostly detailing how bad his last year was in the lead-up to his departure.

Moxley had several run-ins with the creative team, but it was mostly Vince McMahon who he had to go to to change things.

In the first part of covering the podcast, Moxley admitted that McMahon's creative process 'sucks', that he is ruining WWE and that being micro-managed to the extent he was left him 'depressed'.

He admitted feeling his lowest during the time he was feuding with Seth Rollins in late 2018, and felt like walking out of the company due to the material he was being served.

It included running down the locals of whatever city Raw was in in a juvenile manner, and the final straw came when he was scripted to take 'rabies injections' in Milwaukee - which is when he decided he would run his contract down.

Also around that time, an Ambrose promo directed at Rollins referenced Roman Reigns, who had recently departed the scene temporarily to recover from a second bout of leukaemia.

Jon Moxley has revealed he was not comfortable at all with insulting Roman Reigns on Raw during his leukaemia recovery

Reigns answering 'to the man upstairs' was the line delivered, and it wasn't all-too well received, and Moxley wasn't too happy to say it either, but Vince McMahon convinced him it was the right move.

But a further reference a few weeks later was where he drew the line.

Moxley told Jericho that a WWE writer scripted him to say something so dark about Reigns' illness that he couldn't share it to Y2J whilst they were recording.

The line would've reportedly lost WWE sponsors and could have got someone fired.

Moxley wasn't sure exactly who wrote it, whether it was someone from the creative team or McMahon himself, but he said that whoever did should be 'ashamed'.

The use of Reigns' illness in the Ambrose v Rollins story was heavily criticised by WWE fans

It's likely that Vince won't be happy about all these stories coming out, but as Moxley isn't his employee anymore, there's nothing he can do to stop him.

Moxley had nothing but positive things to say about the 'polar opposite of Vince' owner of AEW though - Tony Khan - and has praised his passion for wrestling over McMahon's obsession of sports entertainment.

AEW will allow Moxley to do the one thing he couldn't in WWE - be himself - and he's set to take the wrestling world by storm once again.

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