Security in Baku are stopping Arsenal fans to check for Henrikh Mkhitaryan shirts

Sporting CP v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League - Group E

Here’s hoping the game between Arsenal and Chelsea is good, because the rest of the Europa League final has been a farce.

Ticket allocations of just 6,000 each in a stadium with a capacity of nearly 70,000. A hellish journey to a city that is further east than Baghdad in Iraq.

UEFA’s decision to host the final in Baku, Azerbaijan has proven to be a bad one.

You know something is very wrong when a player cannot even risk travelling to the destination due to a fear for his own safety.

Arsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan has decided not to go to Azerbaijan due to the country’s ongoing conflict with his native Armenia.

UEFA insisted the 30-year-old would have been safe but the treatment of his fans in Baku may suggest otherwise.

On Tuesday, footage emerged of fans wearing Mkhitaryan shirts being stopped by police as they took a walk through the streets.

Arsenal v West Ham - Premier League 2

Security stops Arsenal fan

It turns out this wasn’t just a one-off, either.

The Times’ journalist Henry Winter has shared a photo of an Arsenal fan, draped in a flag bearing the club’s old crest, who was stopped by security in Baku to reveal the name on his shirt.

The fan was apparently asked twice on his way to the fanzone to lift up his flag to reveal the name.

“You checking for Mkhitaryan?,” he asked. The answer was yes.

Just astonishing.

Klopp hits out at Baku decision

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was among the vocal critics of UEFA’s decision to hand the final to Baku.

"These decisions, they must be much more sensible. It just looks irresponsible," the Liverpool boss said, per the Independent.

“Madrid is unbelievably expensive but who decides Baku for a European final? Or Kiev?

“I don't know what the people who decide these things have for breakfast."

Next year’s final will be played in Poland, which we can all agree is a much more sensible location.

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