Vince Russo thinks WWE and All Elite Wrestling are working together

Vince Russo

Just days after Double Or Nothing got people buzzing about the future of wrestling, Sami Zayn threw a surprise curveball on Monday Night Raw.

During an 'Electric Chair' segment in which fans would ask him questions, Zayn said the three letters that you'd think WWE wouldn't want him to say - AEW.

That's right, WWE's new competition were name-dropped by one of their own stars on primetime programming - an act which saw search traffic for Tony Khan's promotion spike in that time.

No-one 'in the know' seems to actually know if Zayn's reference was planned or not.

Dave Meltzer's source within WWE claimed that it was scripted, but it was 'f***ing stupid', but PWInsider's Mike Johnston has indicated via several sources that the AEW name-drop was definitely not supposed to happen - all of this courtesy of Cageside Seats.

So you can see why there's so much confusion when there's conflicting reports.

Cue former head writer of both WWE and WCW Vince Russo to don his tin hat and believe there's a conspiracy in the works.

All Elite Wrestling, funded by Tony Khan [middle] is the subject of a conspiracy theory from former WWE writer Vince Russo

In a trio of tweets, Russo states why he thinks WWE and AEW are in cahoots with one another.

"Watching RAW on DVR--Unless @WWE is IN BED with @AEWrestling they have ABSOLUTELY lost their minds by acknowledging them on THEIR FLAGSHIP SHOW," Russo stated.

"#1 NEVER acknowledges #2. Conspiracy? Not when you look at Paul Heyman/ECW being in bed with WWE from the jump.

Russo goes on to say that there's absolutely 'no question' the two promotions are working together and that everyone is 'being worked'.

This could all be a ploy for Russo to get attention - and if it was exactly that then it's worked spectacularly.

But if he's really being serious then it's quite frankly a ludicrous claim to make.

There's been a tiny section of WWE fans who believe that Vince McMahon owns All Elite Wrestling, but those myths were quite clearly dispelled on Saturday night.

What we have now is fully-fledged competition for WWE - not a partner as Russo thinks - and wrestling as a whole will be better for it.

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