Fans believe the Europa League final between Chelsea and Arsenal has been ruined by UEFA


Chelsea and Arsenal are battling it out to win the Europa League.

But ahead of kickoff, the match felt more like a pre-season friendly, rather than a European final.

The game is being staged in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, almost 2,900 miles from London. 

The city's Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 68,000, but less than 5,500 fans made the trip from England's capital. 

It wasn't just the distance that put supporters off either - as the cost of getting to Baku was ridiculously high. 

Many paid over £1000 in flights alone - so factoring in other travel and hotel accommodation makes it a very costly trip. 

That issue led to Chelsea and Arsenal sending back over half of their original ticket allocation and therefore, many were predicting a lot of empty seats for the final. 

And unfortunately, that prediction was rather accurate.

Just minutes before kickoff, the stadium was far from full - Check out some images below.  

Wow, the atmosphere is absolutely nowhere near what we'd expect for a European final - and fans watching on TV also found something else to complain about too.

The camera angle that's being used for broadcast is ridiculously high, and it appears the cameraman is sat miles away from the pitch. 

You can see images of that below. 


The angle left many fans thinking they were playing a game of FIFA with the wrong setting - sadly though, no one can change it like they do in the game.

There's been so much negative talk around the Europa League final ahead of kickoff, that many supporters just wanted to get down to the football. 

But with TV broadcasters using a terrible angle, many are finding it hard to enjoy. 


The lack of atmosphere, created by so many empty seats, certainly isn't helping either.  

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