Report: Sami Zayn's AEW line on WWE Raw was scripted


One of the strangest things to come out of WWE this week was the AEW line said by Sami Zayn during his 'electric chair' promo on Monday Night Raw.

Zayn did a Q&A with the live crowd on Raw, giving them an opportunity to ask him anything they wish. Obviously though, WWE had planted people in the crowd to ask the questions.

After the last question was asked, in disappointment, Sami told the audience that they need to step up as they could have asked him anything, even about All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Corey Graves promptly interrupted Zayn, but it was too late as the chant of AEW rang around the arena as well.

Later, however, the AEW comment was edited out of WWE's highlights of Raw. This has made some speculate that the comment was unscripted, but this reportedly isn't the case.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, via NoDQ, has explained that this AEW comment was scripted by WWE, as the fact it wasn't scrubbed away from the live broadcast using the 15-second delay shows it was intentional.

He said: “It was scripted. They just lied to their own employees to make it out like Sami went against the script, not realizing anyone with a brain knows about the 15-second delay.

"Not to mention the people who did know would eventually tell those who don’t. This is Bischoff WCW and they didn't learn a thing from it.

"It draws no money and only makes paranoid talent even more paranoid, and makes employees think they're working for an insane company, neither of which is a positive.”


WWE has used their 15-second delay in the past to make sure wardrobe malfunctions don't go out on the live broadcast, so this point helps eliminate the possibility that the line was unscripted.

Meltzer also dismissed the conflicting reports about whether or not the AEW line was scripted as well. He pinpointed miscommunication within WWE as the reason why some thought it wasn't scripted.

He said: “We no longer have conflicting reports. Zayn was of the belief he was supposed to say it.

"Most in the company weren’t aware so the original word was it wasn’t scripted but several sources have called it a miscommunication issue but he didn’t say it on his own.”


It's quite clear that from this past week, AEW is under the skin of the higher-ups in WWE and that they're going to such lengths to try and one-up them that they're failing to tell others what exactly is going on.

Sounds like it's only the start of a wrestling war between the two promotions.

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