Report: Many WWE people agree with Jon Moxley's WWE creative criticism


One of the major talking points in the wrestling world right now is Jon Moxley's interview with Chris Jericho on his Talk Is Jericho podcast about his time as Dean Ambrose in the WWE.

Moxley explained why he was unhappy with some of the creative ideas WWE writers had for his Ambrose character while he was with the company and the struggles he faced.

The now AEW star detailed one instance where Vince McMahon wanted him to say "pooper scooper" in a promo.

He added: "Bear in mind that this is a billion dollar company, run by a man who's allegedly a genius. And keep in mind that we're all adults and we're talking about stuff like this."

People connected to WWE have listened to the podcast and according to WrestleVotes, a lot of them agree with Moxley's criticism.

One person even said things won't be getting better in WWE anytime soon as 'Vince is Vince'.

WrestleVotes tweeted: “For what it’s worth: I’ve talked to several people connected to WWE regarding the Moxley / Jericho podcast. They all agree w/ Mox.

"He’s not saying anything others aren’t thinking. One quote I got was ‘It’s all true, it’s a mess. And it’s not changing anytime soon. Vince is Vince'."

This is an interesting reaction, but also not a surprising one. TV ratings over the past couple of months clearly show that WWE needs to change the creative direction of their product.

Lack of a proper creative direction is one of the main reason why so many superstars in WWE have requested their release from the company over the past year.

In recent months, the likes of The Revival, Sasha Banks, and Luke Harper have asked for their release from WWE.

The likes of Moxley, Shawn Spears (previously known as Tye Dillinger in WWE), and Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) have all been released from the WWE in the last year.


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson reportedly turned down new contracts as they too would like to be out of the WWE.

Fingers crossed this recent podcast will open up the eyes of those that make the creative decisions in WWE and create a change.

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