Stone Cold Steve Austin gives advice to superstars wanting to leave WWE


As AEW gets bigger and bigger, it most likely means we haven't heard the last of superstars wanting to leave WWE in hopes of finding greener pastures elsewhere.

Just in the last few months alone, several superstars have asked WWE to release them from their current contracts. Some have been successful while others have not.

Some are even going to the length of allowing their current deals to expire in hopes of landing work outside the company, following a similar path to Dean Ambrose, who is now Jon Moxley with AEW.

Moxley isn't the first big name to leave WWE, and he likely won't be the last. Another big name that left WWE in the past is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

During a recent appearance on the Dale Jr Download podcast, via Cageside Seats, The Texas Rattlesnake gave some advice to those superstars who are thinking about leaving WWE.

He said: “If you got some feelers out there and you’re trying to network other things based upon you having a high Q rating or a lot of television exposure, and you get your hands in different things; do it.

"Right now this is your bread and butter, but starting planting those seeds right now so when you spin out of this you come out with momentum.”

We've seen with The Rock, Batista, Cody Rhodes, and now potentially with Jon Moxley that WWE could just be the start of an illustrious career in life, rather than just the pinnacle, so Austin's words ring true.


Stone Cold also weighed in on the current creative climate in WWE, which was recently scrutinized by Moxley during his appearance on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

He gave an interesting take as to why WWE is having trouble finding their next big star, one that can match the pure popularity he had inside and outside the ring.

Austin said: “I didn’t have no restrictor plate on me. Like I had said (now) it’s way more friendly setting and there’s a lot more control on television then back in the day.”

He also added: “I don’t say you have to go crazy, just have to turn them loose a little bit.”


Many superstars in the past have criticised the way WWE scripts have been written for their characters, as they feel they're not written in a way their character would actually speak.

Just allowing WWE superstars more flair and freedom in their promos could be the difference for many superstars in the company being much happier and less likely to be asking for their release in the future.

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