Danny Murphy claims Liverpool and Manchester United would have sold out Europa League final


If Arsenal can take any consolation from the Europa League final, it's that the whole affair will be remembered as a farce from start to finish. 

UEFA's decision to hold the game in Baku proved just as illogical as it was feared. 

London-based fans were forced to complete a 4,970-mile trip to reach Azerbaijan, with flights costing over £900. 

While their allocation of 6,000 tickets each was initially criticised, it soon emerged that the majority of supporters wouldn't be able to get there and the Gunners handed back 2,300. 

There's been an outpouring of sympathy with those who follow the two teams up and down the country week in, week out but were ultimately denied a reasonable chance of going to the final. 

That's not the case from Danny Murphy, though, who was speaking on talkSPORT after the number of empty seats became the major talking point in the wake of Chelsea's 4-1 triumph. 

The pundit has criticised Arsenal and Chelsea fans for, in his eyes, not making enough effort. 

"The simple fact is that if Liverpool and United were in that final, and you're probably right, Celtic as well...there wouldn't be empty seats in that stadium," Murphy said. 

"They would get there and they would support their team. 

Chelsea v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Final

"Now I don't know why some people spend every penny they've got when it doesn't seem logical but Liverpool supporters would have filled that stadium, as I think United would have as well.

"Liverpool and United historically, with their success, have more worldwide support so you could get fans coming in from various countries, but I still think more English Liverpool or United supporters would have gone there than Chelsea and Arsenal did. 

"It's not an opinion, it's fact. If Liverpool were in that final, there wouldn't be empty seats...and there won't be an empty seat in any Liverpool final they ever play anywhere. 

"They find a way. You're going to get people who come on and say they couldn't physically get there. Well, you can.

"It depends on how much time you can have off work, it depends how much money you've got, I get that, but there's always a way. 

The reality is that fans deserve credit for taking a stand and telling UEFA that enough is enough.

Whether they'll listen is another matter entirely. 

Would Liverpool or Man United have sold out Baku? Have your say in the comments.

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