'Winning the Champions League does not make up for missing out on Premier League title'

John W Henry feels the Premier League and Champions League are 'different'.

Liverpool head into Saturday's Champions League final knowing this will either be a very memorable season or one of the most crushing they've ever had.

The Reds had their best season of the Premier League era, racking up 97 points - the third highest in history.

It was an absolutely sensational showing from Jurgen Klopp's team but, somehow, still not enough to win the title.

Manchester City got 98 and retained the trophy.

But the Champions League offers hope as Liverpool will be favourites when they face Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid.

It will be the club's fourth final since the competition's re-branding but, importantly, the first they play as favourites.

A sixth European Cup would undoubtedly make this season to remember - no matter what happened in other competitions.

But Liverpool owner John W Henry has made it clear that winning 'Big Ears' wouldn't make up for domestic disappointment.

"They are different," he told Sky Sports. "It doesn't make up for it but not winning the Premier League this year means it is an even larger goal next year.

John W Henry at Anfield.

"Sort of like going back to the Champions League final this year was something that our team set their minds to. We will be set on winning [the league] next year."

It's obviously not the usual thinking before a game of this magnitude - teams would prefer to think that becoming champions of Europe would make up for any disappointment during the season.

In reality, though, Liverpool fans would almost certainly agree with Henry.

The Premier League is the big one, the one that they've been waiting on for 30 years.

Liverpool eventually finished 2nd with a record points tally.

This season was so close to being one of the absolute greatest in the club's history.

It could still be historic, of course, but there is a feeling that it could have been even more, if not for City.

Regardless, beat Spurs and it will be trophy number six from Europe's greatest competition - and that's a number that will definitely sit Liverpool at the top of English football for a long time to come.

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