Madrid police seize fake steward equipment from organised gang

Previews - UEFA Champions League Final

There has been an almighty scramble for Champions League final tickets.

With Liverpool being one of the best-supported clubs in the world and Tottenham reaching their first ever European Cup final, it's hardly surprising.

In fact, 100,000 fans are expected to descend on Madrid this weekend.

But with both clubs only receiving 16,000 tickets each, a majority of fans in the Spanish capital will be without tickets.

Not that they will care too much.

Enjoying tapas and sangria in the 30 degree heat with thousands of fellow supporters is the recipe for a fantastic weekend, whether you’ve got a match ticket or not.

However, there are some people that just can’t enjoy the atmosphere and have a good time.

An organised gang have impersonated stewards in an attempt to steal tickets from genuine fans.

Spanish police have seized fake steward bibs, imitation devices for the technical ticket check and false accreditations.

And a video has emerged showing fans with all the equipment needed to pretend that their stewards.

One fan can even be heard practising saying: “Can I see your ticket, please.”

“The Spanish police have seized fake steward bibs, fake devices for the technical ticket check, as well as fake accreditations,” said a statement from UEFA.

“This makes us believe that an organised group of people, impersonating genuine stewards or officials might try to act as if they were conducting the visual or technical ticket check, with the aim of stealing tickets during such controls.

“Supporters should therefore make sure they only show their tickets at the clearly marked check zones and not to individuals or small groups of people who could be wearing fake bibs and might approach them on the way to the stadium, outside of the official check zones.”


Imagine going to every single one of your side's matches this season, paying £600 for a Champions League final ticket, booking flights and accommodation to Madrid and having it stolen away from you by one of these scammers.


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