Chris Jericho says AEW would welcome CM Punk with open arms


AEW demonstrated in their first show, Double or Nothing, that they could be a legitimate alternative to the WWE for wrestling fans.

There were several brilliant moments throughout the show moments included Bret Hart unveiling the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, Cody Rhodes destroying Triple H's iconic throne, and Jon Moxley attacking Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega after their main event match.

Double or Nothing could have been an even bigger show than what it was, as AEW President Tony Khan revealed after the event that CM Punk was on his wishlist of wrestlers he'd like to sign for AEW.

Speaking with ESPN, Jericho said that if Punk was to sign with AEW, he would be welcomed into the promotion with open arms.

He said: "If he wants to come back to wrestling, it would have to be for the right reasons -- both on his end and on AEW's end. CM Punk is a unique individual.

"Could we use him? Of course we can. Could WWE use him? Of course they could. It all depends on what Punk wants to do and what his attitude is when and if he comes back. Because it's a new world now. It's not a negative world, it's a positive world. Especially in AEW.

"Like I said, if he wants to come in, he'd probably be welcomed with open arms. But I think he would have to kind of prove himself, as he would want to, because I know him. He's a competitor. He's not gonna come back just for a paycheck or just to be famous.

"If he comes back, it's because he wants to be here, he wants to wrestle and he wants to prove something, and if he doesn't feel that way, he won't come back. The only person that can answer that question, I believe, is CM Punk himself."


Many wrestling fans believe Punk will return to wrestling again in the future despite him stating several times in the past that he retired following his WWE departure in January 2014.

However, he's only made a handful of wrestling related appearances since he left WWE, and he hasn't participated in a wrestling match since the Royal Rumble five years ago.

We'll just have to wait and see if Punk ends up in an AEW ring in the near future.

As for Jericho, his next AEW match will be at All Out on August 31 against Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship.

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