Alexis Sanchez's film debut has received more praise than his Man Utd career

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Alexis Sanchez has been one of the worst signings in Manchester United history.

Whatever happened to the player that brought so many brilliant moments at Arsenal and Barcelona, he didn't travel to Old Trafford on the day of Sanchez's move in January 2018.

Supporters are beyond confused when it comes to diagnosing the problem behind Sanchez's plight, but needing time to settle at the club certainly isn't the answer.

His struggles at the back end of last season had been put down to that, yet the Chilean has managed to struggle even more in 2018-19 and his statistics make for painful reading.

The 30-year-old scored just two goals across the whole campaign, mustered just three assists and all this while he pockets an eye-watering wage of £500,000-a-week.

Disappointing season for Sanchez

As a result, Sanchez was slapped with 2/10 ratings for the season from the Daily Mail and the Independent, while the Manchester Evening News went one further and decided 1/10.

However, fear not, there was the opportunity for Sanchez to enter the summer with one slither of positivity and that comes in the form of his film debut in 'Mi amigo Alexis.'

United fans were left scratching their heads when it emerged that a film had been made about the forward, showing the story of him meeting a 12-year-old boy Tito who idolises him.


Reaction to 'Mi amigo Alexis'

Well, the film finally made its debut this week and the early reception suggests that even Sanchez's debut on the silver-screen has gone better than his entire Old Trafford spell.

First and foremost, the move has amassed a 5.6/10 rating on IMDb which, although nothing to write home about, reads far better than the 2/10 numbers his season was given.

The film has risen 23,712 places on the website, was given a 10/10 rating in eight user reviews and has amassed a Google approval rating of 86% during the first few days of release.

That's all well and good, but what do professional reviewers think? Popular Chilean website Humonegro are the only outlet to give their opinion so far and the result is largely positive.

In regards to Sanchez's performance, journalist Angelo Illanes wrote that he had 'all the attributes to fulfil this role' and showed his 'charismatic personality and humble nature' in the movie.

They admit that the story has something of a 'commercial' feel and that Sanchez's appearances are occasionally 'forced', but the United man has escaped anything in way of major criticism. 


The same, on the other hand, cannot be said of his displays at Old Trafford and the Chilean will have to keep his fingers crossed that things improve beyond the summer.

Regardless of whether he's a United player next season, he should probably aim for the type of performances that would at least draw the kind of praise that 'Mi amigo Alexis' has garnered.

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