One Liverpool supporter has sold his Champions League final ticket for £10,000 in cash

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final

After weeks of waiting, the big day is finally here for Liverpool and Tottenham fans. 

The two Premier League sides meet to contest the Champions League final in Madrid on Saturday night. 

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium has an official capacity of over 67,000, but the two finalists have been given just 16,000 tickets each. 

100,000 fans are expected to descend on the Spanish capital this weekend, meaning there will be a lot of desperate supporters looking to secure a last minute ticket. 

The chances of doing so are very slim, but that hasn't stopped some people trying. 

On Saturday, news broke warning fans that an organised gang have been impersonating stewards around the ground in an attempt to steal tickets from genuine fans.

UEFA released a statement saying they have seized a number of fake steward bibs and fake accreditations, but they are still urging fans to be vigilant. 

Other supporters have been trying to get their hands on a ticket without breaking the law - by offering to pay a ridiculous amount of money. 


According to Telegraph writer Tom Morgan, who's in Madrid at the moment, one Liverpool season ticket holder has sold his seat to another fan - for £10,000. 

"Unprecedented desperation for tickets in and around Liverpool fan zone this morning," the Telegraph journalist tweeted.

"Kop season ticket holder of 20 years has sold his after being offered 10k in cash. 'I’ll take the kids to Florida,' he tells his pals." 

That is absolutely outrageous. To put it into context, a category one ticket, the most expensive sold, has a face value of €600 (£531). 

The cheapest seats, in category four, have a face value of €70 (£62). 

That means one desperate fan has paid over 150 times the value of a Champions League final ticket. Unbelievable. 


It may be the most important match of the season, but realistically, there's no seat inside the stadium that's worth £10,000. 

The fan that sold his ticket will be laughing all the way to the bank. 

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