Corey Graves points out plot holes in Brock Lesnar-McMahon Family WWE storyline


Paul Heyman announced yesterday that Brock Lesnar will be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract next week on Monday Night Raw.

The Beast's advocate revealed as well that Lesnar will be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract against the Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

This decision to announce the cash-in comes after Stephanie McMahon condemned Lesnar and Heyman for what they did this past week on WWE's red brand.

Stephanie condemned Lesnar and Heyman for fashioning the Money in the Bank briefcase as a boombox, disrespecting what the contract represents, as well as making promises about revealing who they would cash in the contract against on the show, which they did not do.

While this storyline direction is being explored in order to entice more fans to watch Raw this Monday to see if Mr. Money in the Bank is successful in his cash in attempt, the whole storyline so far has been rather confusing.

It's been so confusing that even WWE announcer Corey Graves has decided to tweet out the plot holes in the current Lesnar-McMahon Family storyline.

Graves said: "So, he's is cashing in because the boss was mad at him for not cashing in when he said he was, even though the point of the contract is to cash in at the holder's discretion? Where's my new chair?"

It's well known that the Money in the Bank contract holder can cash in on a champion when they see fit, so long as a champion is in the ring at the time.

It's been the norm for Money in the Bank contract holders to tease cash-ins in the past, so why exactly is WWE punishing Lesnar for sticking to those rules?


Fingers crossed it's all explained on Monday night, and if The Beast does in fact wrestle on Raw, it will be his first match on Raw or SmackDown in over 15 years.

The last time he wrestled on either brand was on March 2, 2004 where he defeated Hardcore Holly on an episode of SmackDown.

His last match on Raw was years earlier in 2002 on July 22, when he defeated Tommy Dreamer.

Chances are though, this Money in the Bank cash-in is just another tease.

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