Go Compare man spent £7,000 on two Champions League final tickets he never received


“Go Compare! Go Compare!”

If you live in the United Kingdom, you’ll know exactly what that means. If you don’t, allow us to explain.

GoCompare is a British financial services comparison website designed to help users get better deals with car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and so on.

For over 10 years now, their adverts have featured a larger-than-life tenor known as the Go Compare man.

Go Compare man has irritated the hell out of everyone in Britain for longer than we care to remember. There might be people out there who find the adverts funny but we’re yet to meet any of them.

Anyway, Go Compare man - real name Wynne Evans - is a massive Tottenham fan.

Not many people knew this until April, when he was invited by Spurs to sing at the opening ceremony of their brand new stadium.

Evans belter out a rendition of ‘Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur’ in front of 62,000 fans, to the surprise of many.

He wasn’t as instantly recognisable without his fake moustache.

Because he’s such a big Spurs supporter, the Radio Wales presenter forked out an eye-watering £7,000 for two Champions League final tickets through an online agency ahead of the “match of a lifetime”.

However, Go Compare man and his teenage son were left devastated after being told the tickets were no longer available.

"My 14-year-old son was distraught and heaven knows how many other fans they've mugged off,” he told BBC News.

The 47-year-old now fears he won’t get his money back.

"After I paid up, the agency emailed me to say they were not able to fulfil my order,” he continued.

"It looks like they sold the tickets to me then resold them when they realised they could get a lot more for them."

However, despite being seven grand out of pocket, Evans was not going to miss this potential once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and spent more money on another set of tickets for him and his son Taliesin.

He didn’t reveal the exact cost of the second pair of tickets - although admitted they were more than £7,000.

Blimey. Go Compare must be paying him a fortune.

"I was gutted but it hasn't put me off going - there's no way I would miss this match,” he added.

"I've been a Spurs fan since I was seven so it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see my team in the Champions League final."

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