Kinsey Wolanski, the Champions League final streaker, gained 2.3m Instagram followers in 18 hours

The Champions League final streaker has been identified as Kinsey Wolanski

The Champions League final was a largely underwhelming affair.

It started off with a bang - Liverpool were given a penalty after just 22 seconds - which was converted by Mohamed Salah.

Divock Origi then emerged off the bench to score the Reds' second with five minutes remaining, ensuring they won their sixth Champions League.

Unfortunately, other than that, there was very little action during the game.

During the first half, the game had to be briefly halted as a female pitch invader somehow made it onto the pitch.

Footage from the stands captures her jumping over the barriers, removing a layer of clothing and sprinting onto the pitch.

Watch it below:

Stripping down to just a swimsuit, she was quickly caught by stewards and escorted off the pitch.

She was later identified as Kinsey Wolanski, an Instagram model from America.

Before running onto the pitch, she had 350k followers on Twitter with an average of 20k 'likes' per post.

These numbers rose rapidly following her actions.

At 7:30am on Sunday, she had shot up to 1.6 million Instagram followers and had 500k 'likes' per post.

And by 2:30pm, Wolanski had increased by another million to 2.6million followers.

Unfortunately for her, Wolanki's account has now been suspended.

Wolanski was taken to jail for her actions but was later released.

But, if she's able to get her Instagram account back, she'll be adamant that running onto the pitch was worth it.

Wolanski ran onto the pitch after Mohamed Salah had given Liverpool an early lead

Before her account was taken down, she explained her motives for streaking during the final.

Per the Mirror, Wolanski posted a video of her being lead off the pitch by stewards with the caption: "Life is for living, do crazy things that you will remember forever."

And she later posted another video where she said: "I was in the game completely by myself.

"I asked the guy next to me if he could take my phone and then I just ran."

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