NFL quarterbacks take on the Beer Chug challenge

  • Alex Turk
Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers

As soon as the off-season hits, it's time for NFL stars all over the United States to start having some fun, and a cluster have been doing exactly that.

Five quarterbacks have taken on the latest edition of the 'Beer Chug' challenge currently circulating social media.

Those involved are Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford, Chicago Bears' Mitchell Trubisky, Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, Buffalo Bills' Josh Allen and, last but not least, Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

First up was Stafford following a good season in which he finished with 3,777 yards.

He looked to be enjoying himself in a bar and downed a pint of lager for the camera in, admittedly, impressively swift fashion. As one of the older participants, you could see experience was on his side.

Next up? Trubisky.

The 2017 round one draft pick enjoyed a milestone 2018 campaign as he became the first Bears quarterback since Jim McMahon in 1986 to be named to the Pro Bowl.

After chinning cups - noticeably smaller ones than Stafford - with a mate, they both proceeded to confidently finish them off.

Mahomes was next after being spotted in the crowd of an ice hockey game; when the big screen caught him out he knew what he had to do.

The 23-year-old looked very proud of himself after gulping a whole can in one next to what can only be speculated to be his partner. Job well done.

Allen, the joint-youngest participant aged 23, stepped up pitchside at a baseball stadium for his beer. Just as quickly as Mahomes, the Bills man successfully drank his beverage in one before the video cut to the final star, 35-year-old Packers QB Rodgers.

He's had an interesting past year after appearing on hit TV show Game of Thrones as an extra, as well as setting an NFL record in the 2018 season with only 0.335% of his passes being intercepted.

As impressive as his campaign was, though, it must be said he beer-chugging game needs plenty of work.

Rodgers was the only player to fail to down his drink, but we can let him off, surely?

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