R-Truth loses then regains 24/7 Championship in hilarious golf course fight with Jinder Mahal


It seems like R-Truth is having an absolute whale of a time as WWE 24/7 Champion.

A lot was made of the aesthetics of the belt when it was first revealed by Mick Foley the night after Money In The Bank, and his announcement was even booed by the fans in attendance.

But since that moment, it's been nothing but fun.

Truth has been running from all his competition and parodied Lil Nas X's smash-hit 'Old Town Road', and it subsequently went very viral.

And especially since Truth captured the title for the first time, it's given outcasted superstars something to chase and storylines have been built out of it.

For example 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick has been searching every city far and wide for Truth during his reign, and was defeated inside the ring on SmackDown last week in the first-ever successful title defence.

Truth though did meet his maker in the form of Elias straight after, who stole the title from him after a three-on-one beatdown by The Drifter, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

R-Truth became a two-time 24/7 Champion on SmackDown last week

The belt was back round his waist by the end of the night though as assisted by Roman Reigns, Truth pinned Elias to become a two-time champion.

A great feature of the Hardcore Championship's 24/7 ruling during the Attitude Era was that fights could break out anywhere, be it in airports or even children's play areas - and the same has happened in 2019.

A video published by WWE shows Truth and Carmella about to enjoy a round of Golf, when Jinder Mahal, dressed in his wrestling attire, jumped Truth and rolled him up to win the belt.

His joy was short-lived though, as 10 seconds later, Truth got his revenge by pinning the Modern Day Maharaja, and was then dragged across the course by Carmella in a golf buggy.

The angle has been well received by WWE fans and this is exactly the type of content people want to see surrounding the belt - it already has over 3 million YouTube views.

If we get to see more outside the workplace interactions and fights, then the 24/7 Championship is going to be very, very popular.

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