Several WWE superstars have reportedly echoed Jon Moxley's sentiments on WWE creative and Vince McMahon

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley's revelations last week during the Talk Is Jericho podcast about WWE really got the whole wrestling fraternity talking.

After saying he had nothing but respect for the opportunities WWE gave him, Moxley proceeded to bury the creative process of the company and the actions of Vince McMahon.

Amongst other things, Moxley admitted he felt depressed at times during his final year with the company and was sickened by a writer who scripted him to say something terrible at Roman Reigns' illness.

It was absolute massacre of McMahon at times, who Moxley felt was deliberately trying to bury him because he was leaving the company on his own terms.

There were shades of CM Punk's 2014 podcast with Colt Cabana that detailed the goings-on behind the scenes in WWE that really ruffled feathers, and fans were curious as to whether or not others would come out and say similar things in the near future.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has reported talking to several superstars and employees backstage in WWE, and it seems as though Moxley's feelings are very mutual.

It's gotten that bad for some superstars that one in particular felt heartbroken by Moxley's words as it was exactly how they were feeling about their position, and that they feel nauseous every time they step foot in an arena for work.

Jon Moxley's revelations about Vince McMahon have certainly ruffled a few feathers

Another takeaway from Sapp's findings were that one superstar has already made their mind up that they'll be leaving when their contract is up and that they have already 'mentally checked out' of their role with the company.

Even one of the writers on Vince McMahon's creative team told Sapp that Moxley wasn't lying with anything he said about how the boss works and micro-manages, which tells you all you need to know.

There could be more stories to come from backstage in WWE in the near future, as Chris Jericho told ESPN this week that a current superstar has approached him and wants to tell his stories when he leaves the company.

Moxley may have started a trend of sharing the inner workings of WWE and Vince McMahon that could be coming very soon indeed.

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